Champagne Favors

These champagne favors are perfect for birthday celebrations, wedding events, showers and more!

We celebrated my sister-in-laws baby shower a couple weeks ago and I had a few requests to share the details on the party favors. I had hoped to share these earlier – especially because I’m using the SAME idea tonight for Valentine’s Day!  See how below!

I’m giving these mini bottles as gifts for a few friends this Valentines Day (super last minute, and easy to do!). Instead of baby shower themed labels, they say “Happy Galentine’s Day!”.

Here are the details to try these yourself!

The Regan crew, celebrating the littlest Regan!

If you look closely at the labels, they say:

“Baby Regan is almost here. When you get the good news, pop the bottle and send some cheer”

How to recreate these champagne baby shower favors:

Pick your drink of choice.

Pay attention to the shape of the bottle. The first bottles of champagne I had picked out were very curvy so the labels were pretty hard to attach evenly. I ended up buying Ruffino’s Sparkling Rosé. I’m glad I switched to these too because the happen to have “R’s in their logo which was perfect for a Regan!

Order Labels.

I highly recommend ordering from Studio B’s shop on Etsy. They have a lot of options – from baby theme, to weddings and birthdays. The labels were really easy to work with and good quality. I ordered this exact design and had it personalized. If you’ve seen any of my posts on removable wall covering, you know I’m picky about paper quality – whether it’s labels or wallpaper 😉

*note, this post is NOT sponsored, I just really like their labels and I think you will too! 

Prep your bottles.

I thought this was going to be as easy as placing the custom label over the champagne bottle label.  I was wrong! If you want a seamless and professional looking bottle, you have to remove the existing label. I used Goo-Gone (it’s the best), rinsed each bottle and made sure they were completely dry before applying the custom label.

So tonight, I’m making these for Valentine’s day gifts for a few gals. I’ll admit, they ARE looking cute but not nearly as cute as these favors!! The type of labels make a big difference.

Since it was a bit of last minute idea, I bought scalloped paper labels and customized them with a “Galentines” day message from my laptop. They have a template which was easy to download, personalize and print from home (directions on packaging).  If you are tight on time for your event, this is a great alternative option!

If you DO have the time to plan ahead, go with the labels from Etsy!! Tie a little ribbon at the top and you’ll be all set.

And thank you to my mom for helping me come up with this idea! It was a hit!

Samantha Regan





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