Bump Update: Third trimester Q&A

Half way into the third trimester and finally sharing an update! I’ve been getting quite a few questions from friends and readers so thought I’d share those here too, along with things that have been helpful during this pregnancy.

I meant to write these updates more often but this pregnancy has been flying by! Plus things seem to change almost daily with the pandemic so it’s hard to keep up with the latest. Good news is that everything here has been going smoothly and we are staying healthy.

Has this pregnancy been the same as your others or different?

Every pregnancy has been very different. My third was the easiest pregnancy and my fourth has been the hardest. I had terrible morning sickness for the first 4 months this time, ended up in the hospital with HG and the flu and now the nausea is back. It’s not nearly as bad as it was but I am just thankful that I don’t have too much longer! Even when I’m feeling my worst, it’s nice to know that it is only temporary and it is ALL worth it.

Did you decide on a name yet? Are you sharing?

We have narrowed it down to a couple! I added Landon to the list of first names too but Eric’s not sold on anything yet. We’re pretty confident Terry (my maiden name) will be his middle name though.

Taylor, our oldest who just turned 6, says we have to wait on a name until we meet him. She is very wise!

 Which prenatal vitamins do you recommend?

I’ve been taking Ritual prenatal vitamins in the mornings and have been happy with them. I have them on auto subscription too so I don’t run out. (I can send you a credit if anyone is planning to order. They have regular multivitamins too for men and women).

I just started taking an iron supplement at night (for anemia, ugh) and I haven’t loved the ones I bought. I’m not sure if there are many other options available but if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Any favorite maternity clothes?

I had given almost all of my maternity clothes away after our third was born and I really didn’t want to spend a lot on new ones. I have been living in leggings and non-maternity dresses that are forgiving in the belly area. I bought a few (many from Target) that I know I can wear after baby is born too. I linked a few here for those asking (the white one is my favorite!)

Have your doctor appointments changed due to COVID-19?

I’ve heard many appointments are being more spread out but ours have been right on track still. I’ve actually had more ultrasounds this time around than with any other pregnancies! Everything has been fine but I have to see a high risk doctor every now and then to check on growth. My last ultrasound should be this Tuesday.

What is your doctor saying about delivery? 

Thankfully we are in an area with a low number of Covid cases. The deliveries (from what I’ve heard) have been somewhat normal, minus no visitors, etc. I don’t think masks are required during labor right now and Eric should be able to join me for both labor and delivery. Things seem to change almost daily so we’ll see what it looks like next month.

I am getting quite nervous about the older kids starting school the same week we’ll be bringing a newborn home. I brought that up to our pediatrican and she said “terrible timing!”. SO TRUE. Even without covid being an issue it was a concern. We’ll check in again with her as it gets closer to see if she had any suggestions or recommendations. Our school should be releasing a plan next week and we’re anxiously awaiting what our options will be. Homeschooling is not my strong suit but I can’t imagine them going back full days either. A lot of hoping and praying that everything turns out well 🙂

What things have you bought for the baby?

Since we had almost nothing for a boy, I bought some outfits and the Seahaven crib sheet I’d been eyeing. Luckily a friend who just had twin boys is generously giving us clothes too so that helps a lot.  One thing I have learned is that babies don’t need very much. We’re trying very hard lately to minimize things in our home so we really aren’t buying much!

We did buy a new bassinet (it is adorable and our only splurge so far). I also found a mamaroo and boppy pillow from local moms. I think we are almost all set!

Are there any things that you still need or want?

It didn’t occur to me to start a baby registry since this is our fourth baby but a friend recommended it anyway for things we need. I started an Amazon registry and it is nice to have a list of what we will need over the next few months. Friends are throwing a diaper party too which we’re very excited about!

How is the nursery coming along? 

The baby’s room is being painted tomorrow (yay!) and we just ordered a new light fixture. I was going to wait to start on his room until after he was born but nesting mode hit! He’ll sleep in our room for at least the first 3-4 months but it’ll be nice to have a space ready.

We just moved the girls into one room too to get that transition over with (before more changes happen!). I was nervous about it but they are LOVING being all together. It’s so fun to hear them play and laugh in the their room, especially in the mornings.

Any pregnancy cravings?

Vanilla bean frappacinos. It’s been years since I even had a frappacino and now suddenly that’s all I want!

Any favorite pregnancy apps?

I love the Sprout Pregnancy app the best. The girls love checking on the baby to see how he looks. The animation part is pretty realistic and they can even spin him around!  I also have Ovia and What to Expect apps that I like.

Baby is the size of a pineapple this week and weighs about 4 pounds!

Do you have any tips to get pregnant with a girl? 

I love that people have asked me this! I wish I had an answer but it was just luck for all our babies. Since we have 3 girls and now expecting our first boy, I also get asked how to get pregnant with a boy. I have no idea. I think it’s just God’s plan 🙂

Let me know if you have any other questions ~ We are just about 40 days away from delivery and I’ll try to be better about baby updates!

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