Big Decisions in Charleston!

Charleston is one of the most darling places I’ve ever visited. I just can’t get enough of all the colorful homes and southern charm. I gathered quite a bit of inspiration on our last visit and Taylor and Kinzie happily explored along with me!

But first, I have to tell you this trip was a little different than our usual Charleston visits. Not only because I have two kiddos in tow this time but because I was quite distracted with some BIG NEWS!

I’m giddy with excitement about it and have had to keep it under wraps till we knew it was official. Now that it’s really happening, I can finally share that….


And I didn’t even see it in person when we put in the offer. Crazy, right?

I was too busy here, in Charleston 🙂 Really, though I usually play it very safe so this was a HUGE decision for me. I was able to see it when I got home and thankfully I loved it in person just as much as I hoped!

Just to clarify, the house is in Geneva, IL (this charming little town where we used to live). It’s about an hour so drive from Chicago and it’s as cute as can be.

I “toured” our house via Facetime and was on the phone with the realtor and Eric figuring out an offer and all those other details to officially make it ours while in Charleston. Snapping these pictures in between calls! We have been house hunting for quite some time now and it has seriously felt like a full time job (that turned into a very frustrating one).

We have quickly discovered that houses can go in a matter of hours after being on the market. The last house I really wanted was already under contract when I walked it (only after a few hours after being put on the market.)


I’ll never forget this day of exploring Charleston and awaiting the suspense that followed our offer. It was a long day of waiting to hear back from the sellers but thankfully I had some beautiful scenery to distract me.

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked but these are all a a little extra special this time. And now, taking some notes from these houses because they are all just so good looking!

This is my all time favorite house for inspiration. I just love the coral door and lion door knocker. Spoiler alert, my very first project in the new house will be changing the front door. I’ve always wanted a pink door and wondering if Eric will go along with this idea! We will obviously need a fierce door knocker to go along with it.

I would be okay with some blue too…

Running down Rainbow Row

All smiles with Nonna

Rose covered fences – a dream!

And this tree fence!

And THIS house!

Oh my goodness, we were driving by it and turned around because I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s just too darling. Perfect landscaping. Look at those little trees!

I had to get a picture with Kinzie too. She slept through most of our exploring but was finally awake. I feel like the house just suits her cuteness 🙂 Look how happy she is!

And strolling with Aunt Maribeth!



I could NOT get enough of these shutters!

And Taylor staying still……..

…….for a minute!

Grand entrance with this tile floor!


Okay, everything else that comes with this house too 🙂

I have a friend that bought a house without seeing it too. I thought she was insane. I also remember thinking how I could never do that. Well, never say never!

By the way, that last house I really wanted that went within hours was a TOTAL fixer upper which looking back would have been so fun (for me) but probably not for Eric.. or our bank account 😉

This house is a little mix of both. The bathrooms, living room and upstairs are all outdated but the kitchen was remodeled already. Plus there is a beautiful sunroom!! A dream for me! So the house is definitely move in ready and I still have a few projects to look forward to over the years.

My heart did stop for a second when we finally got the news that our offer was accepted. Then, a little freaking out since I didn’t even see it yet! We’ll have a busy next couple weeks getting ready to move but I can’t wait to share more!

House happy,

Samantha Regan

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  1. 5.9.17
    Karen said:

    Congrats on the house! Beautiful pictures from a memorable trip. Can’t wait to see more!

    • 5.15.17

      Thank you! We have been busy packing over here and can’t wait to share more once we move in 🙂