Backyard BBQ with Reser’s Fine Foods

This post is in partnership with Reser’s Deli Salads. You can find their deli salads at your local Jewel (look for the red tops!). All content and opinions are 100% my own, as always! Thank you for supporting Shining on Design!

Many of our barbecues at home are thrown together last minute and super simple. I like to make casual barbecues feel a little fancier, but in an easy way.

Whether we are hanging out at home, or if we are guests bringing a favorite dish, here’s a couple things I hope you find helpful for your next BBQ!

Like many, we have been spending more time at home with just our family during this pandemic. Even though we aren’t entertaining for large crowds like we like to do, or going out to eat, it’s still nice to make even a normal meal or BBQ feel a little more special.

Here are some of my go-to’s and hacks for BBQ season:

· Deli salads are always a go-to for BBQ season. They go hand in hand with backyard bbqs (especially potato & macaroni salads). As a busy mom, I don’t often have the time to prep fancy side dishes so things like pre-made Reser’s Deli Salads make my life easier! You can buy them at your local Jewel Osco. They come in an easy, convenient resealable container.


·      Serve food in real dishes. This will dress up your store-bought salads and make them look homemade!

·      Or serve side dishes in individual cups (kids and adults love these). They are easy to grab and the portion sizes are already dished out. This is great for vegetables or fruit cups too!

·      Place all your condiments in a basket to corral them. This keeps them organized and easy to pass around if you’re sitting down at a table. I like to add in the flatware, napkins and plates in one basket to keep everything easy to carry. (Less trips in and out of the house!)

·      Serve water in a pitcher with lemon or cucumber infused ice cubes. This is so refreshing!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy summer!

I’ll also be “grilling” Eric soon for his best cookout tips ~ one is to always make sure to have enough charcoal (or your propane tank is filled before guests arrive!).


Samantha Regan

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