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I can’t believe we’re wrapping up summer already! We’re quickly getting back into the swing of things and I wanted to share some of my back-to-school tips that have helped our family.

I shared our morning routine checklist on Instagram stories the other day and had many requests for details on it. I just pulled one from Pinterest that works well for us. There are a ton of other downloadable and editable options available too on there (here’s a similar one to what we use). I don’t know how I would get 4 kids out the door without this 😅.

Our kids went back to school almost 2 weeks ago and thankfully it has been a smooth start for us. Maybe I’m comparing it to the last couple of years which were so unusual. But it has been SO nice to have a fresh and “normal” start to the school year. As things get busier for us over here, I try to prep as much as possible and stay organized. Here are some tips that work for me to {try and} stay on top of things!

  • Having a morning routine checklist.
  • Stocking up on lots of healthy snacks, and always having an “emergency snack” on hand (in the car, purse). My kids always get extra hungry at the start of a new school year.
  • Color coding our calendar. Each person in our family of 6 has their own color. This has been a total game changer. We keep a weekly schedule on a dry erase board in our kitchen with every single activity and appointment so we don’t miss anything. Our schedules have gotten so busy that we moved on to these ultra-fine tip dry erase markers which work great. This detailed weekly calendar has been the #1 thing that keeps me on track.
  • I try to make sure I schedule time for myself (which is hard for me) but important. So I include time for my workouts on 4-5 days of our weekly calendar, as well as all of our appointments, activities & events.
  • One-on-one time with kids, even during the busiest weeks. Make time to really check-in 💗.
  •  Everyone has their own file folder on a wall organizer where all the non-urgent papers that come home go. I sort through the folders at least a couple of times a week when I have time. It keeps me organized and everything in one place!
  • We have a separate family email account for our kids’ school and activities that my husband and I can both access. This helps keep things organized and make sure we can easily find important emails. Ours is through Gmail and is easy to switch back and forth between my personal, work and family accounts.
  •  I try to do as much as I can the night before when possible. Pack the lunches, have the water bottles in the fridge ready to go & pick out outfits (including shoes, + socks!). Mornings always go smoother when we do prep the night before.
  • We add a little extra Vitamin C to our routine at the start of the school year too. IYKYK. I also try to keep our calendar pretty flexible for after-school hours while we are getting back into a routine. A little extra downtime never hurts 🙂
  • Label everything! These are my favorite labels. They are currently having a Labor Day sale + a portion of the purchase can support your school of choice.

PS. Does anyone remember what this coat closet used to look like? Sharing a peek on Instagram stories 🙈 and so happy we finally gave it a makeover (it’s become the perfect after-school drop zone 👏🏼).
📸Photos by @erinkonrath 💙

Here are some favorite items for back to school ~

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