Autumn Living Room Tour

Fall has arrived in our living room!

I had so much fun decorating for Fall and excited to share some details….including my favorite coffee table accessory, a new lighting trick I’ve been obsessed with and hopefully some ideas to inspire your decorating this year!

We’re currently getting our siding replaced on the house and can’t wait to decorate the porch too once that is done. We have literally been avoiding being at home these last 5 days because it’s so loud so hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy more of this room soon too.

I’ve included a source list at the bottom which includes links to many items we’ve used in our living room. You’ll see some notes (including my favorite place to shop for baskets and pumpkins!)

On our coffee table:

  • An Antique Bowl for Memories. We have my grandmothers sterling silver bowl on our coffee table which we use to hold photographs of fun family memories. It’s fun for guests to look through and the kids love them too! I also keep these notecards that we can write Harper’s Milestone Memories on too.
  • Lots of candles! We usually have at least one candle out throughout the year but when fall comes around, we stock up! We also use a flameless flickering candle on our mantel which we use quite often. This is a great alternative to real candles if you are worried about forgetting to blow them out or have little ones!
  • A tray– to corral lots of things while still keeping the table look nice.
  • Stack of Books/Catalogues. Since I’m often referring to catalogues for clients, this makes it convenient for me. Restoration Hardware catalogues come in handy and are great for decor!

A little trick I learned from Joanna Gaines is to add water to the vase to make faux flowers look more realistic.

One of my favorite thing about decorating (and dressing) for fall is layering up! Bring out the sweaters, blankets and extra pillows.

We also added a sconce!!

That works beautifully. Without any electrical….

This is a tip I learned from Nesting with Grace where you add a puck light with a remote to a sconce vs. a light bulb. I couldn’t wait to try it and share it with my clients (and you too of course!).

We bought these LED puck lights that came with a remote. You can also adjust the brightness.

And this sconce which was on sale for only $23!

The sconce currently 77% off the original price. You know how I love a great deal and this looks really nice in person too.

Here’s a little peek at our kitchen too!

For awhile I resisted getting a letter board because they are so trendy but now that we have one, I absolutely love it.

We mix up the sayings with inspirational quotes and fun things for the seasons and celebrations. Even documenting some of Harper’s milestones.

Our letter board is the White Oak finish from Emmerie Lane.

Thanks for joining me for this Autumn living room tour!

Normally there are a million toys, baby bouncers and things everywhere so don’t be fooled by these pictures. I just hosted a small “spa” night for some friends so the living room was actually almost toy free for a day- which means I got the camera out while it lasted!


Samantha Regan

Source List:

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  1. 9.18.18
    Angelica said:

    your fall decorations are so cute!! makes me want start decorating my house 🙂

    • 9.25.18

      Thanks Angelica! I started early this year ~ just couldn’t wait!

  2. 9.19.18

    So pretty your home is gorgeous for the fall. Simple, chic and beautiful just like you.

  3. 9.19.18
    Megan said:

    This is soo cute! I love the color palette!

    • 9.25.18

      Thanks Megan! I usually plan out the color palette but winged it this year and it worked!

  4. 9.19.18
    Tracy said:

    I love the simplicity and the use of neutral colors. Your pumpkins blend in so well with your other decor instead of sticking out like huge bright orange blobs.

    • 9.25.18

      Hahaha! Yes, you don’t want those things sticking out like blobs!

  5. 9.19.18
    BREE said:

    I absolutely love those colors! It’s also great to redecorate for the season change but also keeping staple pieces!

  6. 10.25.18

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Love the water with the faux flowers tip… gonna steal it!

    • 10.29.18

      Thanks Tana! It’s a good tip! I try to remember not to have the faux stems sit in the water too long. I’ve read mixed things on this so it may be best just to use this trick when entertaining (or for photos!).

  7. 9.21.19
    Alyssa said:

    Hello, I really like the tray you have on the coffee table. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Where is it from?

    Thank you kindly for your reply