Anniversary Celebration

Eric and I are celebrating 7 years of being married! A little older, a little wiser, a lot more tired 😂 and about to welcome our 4th baby!

We get to celebrate 2 wedding date anniversaries ~ one from our big reception with all our friends & family, and another that we had two months prior to that in a private ceremony with just our closest fam.

It wasn’t at all what Eric & I originally planned (which if you’re getting married during this time I’m sure you can relate) but now looking back, it’s fun that we have two special days to cheers to 💕

Our private ceremony at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago
Reception at Galleria Marchetti

Time has flown by and we usually like to go out, just to two of us to wine, dine and reminisce to celebrate our anniversary. Even though we’re stuck at home (with all the kids) this year, we still wanted to plan something special to celebrate US. It’s definitely a challenge to get any time alone in our house but we made the best of it!

Here’s a few ways we celebrated...I hope it inspires you for your next anniversary celebration too!:

Breakfast in bed

Eric nailed this one. I offered to take care of dinner (see below) and requested breakfast in bed (it’s always a treat!). Eric is also a great breakfast chef. One of his secret talents 🙂

Look through old photos and reminisce

We looked through our wedding photos and pictures from when we met. My sister-in-law had made us a beautiful wedding album that we look through every year.

Listen to a Playlist with favorites from your wedding night

Lots of Van Morrison and Black Eyed Peas were on our playlist!

Dress up

Even though we weren’t going anywhere, it felt more special dressing up. I put on high heels for the first time in months (full disclosure, they did not stay on very long haha!)

Recreate first date night meal

And set the table! Our first real date night was at an Italian restaurant downtown Chicago. We couldn’t have the same exact thing but we ordered something similar from a local Italian place.

Switch up your dining setting

If you can, eat in a place where you don’t normally eat. Venturing outside if it’s nice out, to the formal dining room or setting up a table elsewhere in your house will make your dinner date night feel special.

Toast with your wedding champagne glasses

We almost just put these in storage because we rarely use them anymore. I’m glad we had them out still and could put them to use again. (I wish there was real champagne in mine this year but sparkling water will have to do!)

A Special Dessert

I’ve heard of couples recreating their wedding cake on their anniversary. We aren’t quite that talented in the kitchen but love this idea. We did however, make sure we included a dessert that we both love.

Movie or Game night

Watch a movie that you saw together when you first started dating, or something new. We’ve been going to bed so early lately so didn’t make it to this part but I love this idea. One of our fav games lately has been Rummikub.

SEVEN YEARS later!! A little older, a little wiser and a LOT more tired. Baby #4 is due in less than 50 days!!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July celebration! We celebrated Taylor’s 6th birthday and I’ll be sharing some details soon on our new birthday traditions…

One was started by accident but the kids LOVE it….

Samantha Regan

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