Adding this to our Spring Cleaning Checklist

We’re tackling our Spring cleaning checklist!

It looks a little different this year. We added a few new things (important things!) and are trying to tackle a couple items that we normally hire out for. I’ve also been researching some healthier cleaning solutions. More on that below!

This year, we added testing our home safety alarms to our checklist. This includes smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and we’re also double checking all our security features on our home security system.

Keeping our family safe starts with a safe home!

We had planned to hire a cleaning crew for a deep clean (like behind our fridge and in our oven!) but it looks like we are on our own for that with the stay at home order. Any tips are welcome…

I recently heard we’re supposed to clean the inside of our washing machine so we are giving that a try this weekend!

Here are a few things that I’ve been loving lately to keep our home safe and clean:

Roomba vacuum

My mom bought us the iRobot Roomba vacuum a couple years ago and it is my favorite cleaning device by far. We use it daily. The best part? It requires very little effort on our part! I thought about getting another one for upstairs too.

Thieves cleaner

I started using Thieves household cleaner last month (to replace our 409) and I feel so much better about it. It works just as well as 409, is a healthier option and smells amazing.

Glass Amber Spray Bottles

I use these glass spray bottles now for all our cleaning solutions (windex, thieves, vinegar water, etc.). They look so much better and fit well in our cabinet. I feel so organized! This set came with labels and a funnel too.

Carbon monoxide & smoke detector

First Alert sent us their combination carbon monoxide and smoke detector and I love it. It was easy to install, has a 10-year battery life and a slick design! We installed ours with command strips (no hard wiring required).

Baking Soda

I’m amazed at how many ways you can clean with baking soda. I’ve been using it to clean our carpet, rugs and even the mattresses this past week. Depending on the area, I’ll mix it with vinegar water. We usually get our rugs and carpets professionally cleaned a couple times a year. Since that is not an option now, this was a great alternative!

Anything you guys are loving to keep your home clean and safe? I’d love to hear!

Samantha Regan

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  1. 4.24.20
    maribeth orehovec said:

    Hi Sam,
    I gave my Roomba a huge spring cleaning the other day. I even washed all the brushes by removing them and soaking in Dawn. I used tiny tweezers to get all the stray “dirt” from around the wheels and sweeper brush. You can buy washing machine cleaner in the grocery store as well as dishwasher cleaner. Both should be used often. Bed pillows also need to be washed regularly and that can be done in a machine too. Just hang them to dry.
    Happy Cleaning!

    • 5.6.20

      So good to know! I should probably do this with ours this weekend, thank you!