A Secret to Select Paint Colors

Picking paint colors can be so hard, but I’m excited to share a little secret that will help you! 

This device can identify any paint color AND give complementary color recommendations – whether it is a color on a wall, piece of fabric, or even in a magazine.

It’s literally so easy a baby can use it  😉 Kidding of course but it is very EASY and Harper was just begging to be held during this photo shoot. And seriously, how has she gotten so big??

We did change the color of our front door (which is the example I’m sharing) and I hope everybody likes it just as much as the last color. I know the lighter shade was a reader favorite. I loved it too.  Pinterest also loved it and I get messages at least once a week about it.

So why the change? I wanted something that would stand out a little more with our all white house. Plus I think Eric is over the pale pink (he’s been such a trooper!). It was NOT easy to decide on a new color but this tool helped a ton!

And I’m sharing ways it will help YOU too.

The ColorReader tool helps you not only pick a single paint color you’ll love, but can also help select a coordinating paint color palette for your ENTIRE house.

Disclosure, this is a sponsored blog post but as always, all opinions are 100 percent my own and TRUE!

I first heard about the ColorReader device from a blogger friend who raved about it on her instagram stories. She was literally walking through her house and testing it on all her walls. The ColorReader was able to accurately identify the EXACT color for everything she showed. I was so impressed and knew I wanted to try it too.

Here are some highlights and more info on the ColorReader:

The ColorReader color matches.

Have you ever been out somewhere (a restaurant, friends house, open house) and wanted to know what paint color they used? The ColorReader can answer that for you in seconds. 

Even if it’s just a color in a magazine or on a piece of fabric.

The ColorReader gives complementary colors. 

One of my favorite features though is that it can also give you recommendations for complementary colors. I get this question often from readers so I know there’s a lot of people that could benefit from this.

Just last week, I had a reader ask me “What paint color goes well with Balboa Mist?” . Balboa Mist happens to be one of my favorite paint colors so I was thrilled she used it in her dining room. She needed paint color recommendations for adjacent rooms and instead of naming a few of my other favorite colors, I deferred to ColorReader to see what it would say. Here’s what shows up (you can click on each surrounding color for specifics):

How it works:

It’s very easy. You get the ColorReader tool and you download the app on your phone. It takes a couple seconds to calibrate your device with the app (it walks you through this and is very simple). Then you are ready to go! Take the device and hold it up to the color you want it to read. Either to the wall, or photo, wherever the color is. You can even narrow down the paint colors brands if you have a preference (ie: Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, etc.). 

The ColorReader will then show you the color match. From there you can coordinate colors, save your palette and even view the fan deck that the color is matched from.

I wanted to share a more colorful example here with you guys to see how it works! 

While browsing through a popular home decor catalog, this pillow color caught my eye. Instead of ripping out the page and trying to match it at the paint store or with a paint deck, I simply pulled out the ColorReader to get a color match. 


I had an idea of what color I wanted to change our door to but hadn’t decided on one. The ColorReader identified this color as Benjamin Moore Royal Flush.

I went to the paint store, tested out this color (along with a couple other swatches just in case). I ended up going with Royal Flush.

Another helpful feature that I mentioned above is that the ColorReader app will give you complementary colors as well. So, if you have a color in your kitchen and want to paint a connecting room, or even repaint your cabinets, the app will give you recommendations.

You can choose from:

  • Complimentary Colors
  • Triad
  • Analogous colors
  • Monochromatic

Here’s an example showing a triad:

You can SAVE your color palettes too.

ALL your history is saved to so you can go back and check which colors the ColorReader has read.

Pretty neat, right?

I love how our friend captured this shot of Harper holding up the Datacolor Color Reader! That’s exactly how it works! Really, so easy to use!

Here’s a direct link to purchase:

DataColor Webstore

I’d love to hear if you give it a try too! Thank you Datacolor for sponsoring for this post!

Samantha Regan

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