A Pretty Delicious Hot Cocoa Bar

Happy National Cocoa Day!

First, I want to say THANK YOU for all your sweet messages and comments from my post yesterday!!! It means so much to have such a wonderful, supportive community through this blog.

We are celebrating national cocoa day with hot chocolate (of course), cookie decorating with friends, and maybe even some s’mores by the fire later. Since I can’t indulge in glögg or any other holiday cocktails this winter,  hot cocoa has been my go-to.

A few of my favorite ingredients may surprise you!

HOT COCOA BAR details…….

If you’re hosting at all this winter, your guests will love a hot cocoa bar. You can even add some peppermint schnapps or bourbon for the adults!

Here’s a quick list of some fun ingredients to make the most delicious (and pretty) hot chocolate:

  • Cool whip
  • Sea salt (trust me on this one!!)
  • Sprinkles
  • Marshmallows – we used 3 different kinds: pastel, small ones and large ones
  • Candy canes
  • Pastel Nonpareil Mint Chocolate Chips
  • Or just normal chocolate chips work too!
  • Reeses!
  • Chocolate spoons (see below)
  • Wafers for the side (we love these!)

Homemade chocolate sprinkle spoons: A little Magic Shell, sprinkles, a quick freeze and voila!

A little Reese peanut butter cup….. such a treat!

I like using cool whip instead of whipped cream because it doesn’t seem to melt as fast. It also works great for a hot cocoa bar served in a bowl.

Add a little sea salt! If you’ve ever had a cookie or chocolate bar with sea salt, you’ll understand how delicious this combo is. We rarely use salt in cooking so I don’t mind indulging a bit here with a couple sprinkles.  We like the pink himalayan sea salt.

Anthropologie Mug | Spode Christmas Mugs (similar) 

Tea and hot cocoa have kept me warm and toasty lately.  I’d love to hear, what is your winter drink of choice?

Samantha Regan


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  1. 12.14.17

    Samantha your hot chocolate bar turned out so nice,, and the pictures are amazing!!!

    • 12.18.17

      Thanks Jen! It turned out pretty tasty too 🙂 Wish you could join us!