A Little Kitchen Update

This has been such a hard and weird week so I originally put off publishing this post. The violence, injustice and rioting have been overwhelming and like many, we aren’t sure how to navigate everything, especially during a pandemic. One of the things that I do love about social media & blogs are the positive and powerful messages that are being shared. Many messages remind us that change starts in the home.

illustration from Danielle Coke (@ohhappydani)

I’ll be sharing some helpful resources on my instagram stories over the next week and keeping this blog a platform mainly for home & design inspiration.

So on a much lighter note, we’ve been living with mismatched, hand-me-down counter stools since we moved in (3 years ago) and finally updated them. I’m excited to share how they turned out and have had many requests to share the source too. The kitchen is the heart of our home, so this was one update that was long overdue!

We use our kitchen island probably more than any space in our house. We eat just about every meal here, the kids do crafts and homework and I’m sitting here writing this post now. I’ve had a wish list of things we’d like to change in our kitchen (add pendant lights, change the backsplash, hardware, etc.) but this is a start. I always recommend starting with the focal point of the room when updating any space so the center island was a perfect place to start!

It made SUCH a difference to switch the stools out and I am so glad we finally pulled the trigger. It was a little bit of a splurge (and some things are worth splurging on). We have 3 big celebrations during the month of May so it was kind of a giant gift wrapped into one. Our wedding anniversary, my birthday and Mother’s Day are ALL in one month! No pressure on Eric 😉

My birthday wishes were a clean house and the balloon garland put together. Eric nailed both so I took advantage of both to snap a few pics. Our kitchen never seems to be this clean, ever!) I ordered the balloon garland off of Amazon and all the instructions were all in Chinese haha. Luckily he was able to put it together and the kids had a ball helping him. One of the confetti balloons popped but that is one mess on the floor that doesn’t bother me 🙂

I shared a few photos on social media and have had many requests on where to buy these stools. I first saw them at the furniture showroom High Point Market on my last visit and had been dreaming about them since! I found a couple retailers that also carry them (I noticed they are selling fast though. Already sold out on OKL).

We have 4 of the white rattan with the backs and 2 of these backless rattan stools at the ends to match. I’ve seen them priced much higher on other websites and the ones I linked are a good price!

Also, I’ve randomly been getting a lot of requests for counter stool suggestions from friends and readers lately. I’ve been sharing my short list of favorites below too! (Some under $200!)

Pinnable images to share and save for later!

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