A Halloween Tradition

Happy Halloween!

I know this is a little late to share since it is already Halloween! But I love how this idea turned out and the kids are still talking about it. We started a new pre-Halloween tradition this year that was fun and easy to recreate at home.

Leprechauns play tricks on St Patricks’s Day, the Elf comes for Christmas, (and Santa of course), fairies for Spring, Easter bunny, and now we have…..

…WITCHES visit for Halloween. The witches visited in the middle of the night while the kids were sleeping. They decorated our house for Halloween and left the kids and a card and treats.

Taylor is just starting to learn how to read and it was fun that the witches used mostly words she knows in their note!

I usually do not decorate much for Halloween but will definitely recreate the floating witches hats next year.

The girls LOVED their surprise witches visit so much and have been telling all their friends. (I did have a couple texts from Moms who then used the same idea for their kids!).

I also had quite a few questions about the floating witches hats so here are the details:

Floating Witches Hats

I ordered this 8 Piece Halloween Hat set. It also comes with thick fishing line to hang.

I used a safety pin at the top of each hat to hang the string. You’ll want to inside out the hat so it doesn’t stick out at the top. I used tape to hang them on the ceiling (white electrical tape worked for most but I did reinforce a couple with frog tape. The frog tape is green but since I only used a small piece it doesn’t bother me that it is a different color than our ceiling – especially since this is only a temporary thing.

I added some real greenery and faux flowers that I had. Next year I may get a little fancier!

I am now convinced we need something above our kitchen island!

I’ll try to get pictures of the other decorations that the witches did when I take them down tomorrow. A lot of googly eyes around the house (on the washing machine, in plants, etc.). Mr. Skeleton even got “bewitched”! I’ll edit this post later ~ so check back next year for more ideas!

Let me know if you have any questions on the hats. And let me know if the witches plan to come to your house on Halloween too!!

Happy Halloween! Off to trick or treat in this mini blizzard!!

(Don’t worry, we’ll be bundling up!!!)

Samantha Regan

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