A Bright Entry/Hallway Update!

I wanted to share a little update we did in our entryway to brighten it up! It’s cold, windy and rainy out so I’m especially enjoying the light and soft colors inside today. And we finally found the perfect lamps for this space which I’m very excited about! It’s starting to get darker earlier so I always like to bring in additional lighting this time of year where I can.

The extra lighting creates such a nice ambience now which is much appreciated, especially in the evening. I added some real pumpkins and new lamps but “shopped” our house for everything else.

The lamps look like concrete but are actually pretty lightweight. They are very pretty in person and I love that they are a great price too (only $99 for BOTH!). They are from Lamps Plus, which is a family owned company and have been great to work with. I’ll list all sources and links below 🙂

We’re also waiting on a new mirror to be hung in this space. I had a different one before (anyone remember the wood sunburst one?). I tried to spray paint it and it went terribly wrong! I think it’s still fixable, but in the meantime I tried a little DIY art installation with my favorite rattan placemats. It’s an easy way to fill the wall – without spending a dime. Our new mirror should be hung soon so this is temporary but it was fun to get creative and put together.

I also LOVE the texture – which is another element I try to incorporate more of in the Fall.

I’ve struggled with what to put on the bottom shelf of this console table and I love changing things up a little for each season. So pumpkins are perfect for now! It’s a beautiful table but the bottom is too narrow for larger baskets and nothing breakable can go there (the kids are always running around!). I used a mix of real and faux pumpkins here, just like I did in our pumpkin filled fireplace display 🙂

The “witches” will be visiting our house this week so things may look a little different here soon too . Here’s a peek at what they did last year, and I have some fun things in mind for this year too! The girls love this tradition and they can’t wait for their visit!

Samantha Regan


Console Table

L’or Seraphine Candle

Julie Tapered Lamps, set of 2

Art of Elegance coffee table book

Placemats (used as wall decor)

White Pumpkins

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