10 Interior Design Trends from High Point Market

I know this is a post many have been looking forward to so I am excited to finally hit publish on it today! Visiting High Point Market this year as part of the Design Influencers Tour has been one of my favorite experiences as a design blogger. I shared full recaps from Day 1 and Day 2 in previous posts, so please click those links in case you missed them.

One of the most fun parts about visiting High Point Market is seeing the latest in interior design trends and styles. My favorite description of High Point Market is that it is like Fashion Week for the Home.

Similar to Fashion week, interior designers, editors, buyers and bloggers travel from around the world to attend. New products and trends are shown throughout the 12 million square feet of show space. It is also the best place to network and be inspired by industry leaders.

With the thousands of showrooms at High Point Market, there is truly something for every style. I’ve narrowed down some of the trends I saw throughout this years visit and will share my personal opinions on a few.

There are a couple that I hope are short lived, and a few that I hope are here to stay forever.

Here are the top 10 trends in interior design and home furnishings seen at the Fall 2021 High Point Market ~

1. Curved furniture

2. Natural Accents

3. Large Scale Patterns

4. Bright and Colorful designs

5. High Performance Fabric

6. Indoor/Outdoor Pieces

7. Grandmillenial Style

8. Brown tones

9. Boucle

10. Textured accents on casegoods

1. Curved furniture

Curved furniture adds a soft element and can make a space flow easier too depending on the floorplan. We are seeing this mostly in sofas and chairs right now, but will also be seeing it more and more rounded edges in casegoods too (like cabinets, dressers etc).

I remember a couple years ago when I was searching everywhere for a curved sectional for a client’s living room. The options were so limited then so I am happy to see so many available today! This is one style that I wasn’t sure about at first being so popular, but do love it when it is done right.

2. Natural Accents

You’ll notice lots of rope, rattan, cane, and more natural accents woven into furniture and light fixtures more than ever before. This has been trending for awhile now and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Many of my favorite older pieces I have in my own home incorporate natural textures so I even though this is “trending”, I consider it timeless.

3. Large Scale Patterns

Bold and large scale patterns are a great way to make a statement, or conversation piece in a room. I’m excited to see more of these large pieces that add personality to your home.

Chair seen at Sherill Furniture
Large scale pattern available in various colorways at Area by Edward Fields
You may remember from my last post that this vendor supplies many of the rugs at the White House

4. Performance Fabrics

People are spending more time inside our homes than ever before these days. Performance fabrics are durable, easy to clean and more available than ever before on stylish pieces.

Just about everyone, not just families with young kids, want performance fabric and I recommend Crypton fabric to anyone that asks. If you caught my last posts, you already know this 🙂 You can spill red wine or coffee on it and it beads up, and cleans up like magic!

Sofa seen at Rowe

5. Bright and Colorful designs

While neutral tones aren’t going anywhere, there is definitely an upswing in colorful and bright interiors. It’s fun and exciting so I’m looking forward to seeing how this trend in furniture evolves more into our everyday homes over the next few years.

Colorful sofas and chairs at Rowe

I personally lean towards softer colors in my own home, but I have to see I love seeing this trend of bolder colors coming back (just in other spaces!).

6. Indoor/Outdoor Pieces

The demand for more items that can be used indoors and outdoors in our own homes is likely due to the pandemic. It is one trend that I am thankful for as I am always on the look out for pieces that look beautiful, are durable, washable and can hold up to real life living.

These indoor/outdoor rugs from Jaiper Living were a favorite find at the market.
Outdoor chair seen at Universal Furniture (available in other colors and patterns)

I was blown away at some of the outdoor pieces I saw at Universal Furniture, which looked and felt like indoor pieces.

7. Brown tones

And grays with brown undertones (although I’m not sure if that went out of style but it is certainly still trending).

8. Grandmillenial Style

Grandmillenial is “grandma” and “millenial” combined, also referred to as Granny Chic.. Think lots of patterns, wallpaper, skirted tables, patterned upholstery, florals, etc.. I am happy about this style being on trend. Some of my own favorite pieces are actually from my grandma 🙂 I wouldn’t go all out granny chic in one space but I love incorporating small elements from this style into a design.

Bench style & skirted seating on sofas are also coming back in style.

Love the texture on the top of this table seen at Thibaut

9. Boucle

Boucle fabric on upholstery is still trending….

And it still has not grown on me… please don’t hate me for saying that. I know a lot of people love it. It definitely has a cozy feel but I personally am hoping this trend is short lived. I tried to find an example picture to share and couldn’t even find one that I took. Although I saw it often. Here is an example of the fabric I found online for you…

boucle chair interior design trends

More fabric trends to keep an eye out for for are quilted fabrics and corduroy (that definitely surprised me!). Many trends in interior design stem from what is trending in fashion. We’re seeing more and more quilted pieces (think Chanel) and believe it or not CORDUROY is expected to be trending here soon too! Maybe in the next year or two. So keep an eye out.

10. Texture on Casegoods

Textured accents are very popular right now on casegoods (cabinets, nightstands, tables, etc.) More Organic texture specifically, and less geometric patterns.

Beautiful textured detail on this nightstand at Hooker Furniture. There is also a dresser to coordinate.

Looking at this list, I see a lot of timeless “trends” on this list. I know the word trend doesn’t always get a good rep but when it comes to buying new pieces, always purchase pieces that you love, and will love years from now! –

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these trends too! Thank you for stopping by today and if you would like to read more on the Design Influencers Tour and High Point Market you can see more details and recaps in these posts:

Thank you again to Esteem Media and High Point Market for having me this year on the tour! I can’t wait to visit again. Xx

Samantha Regan

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